Curbio Partnership Helps Single Mom Renovate Safely During COVID

Potomac, MD. July 29, 2020—Curbiothe fast-growing real estate technology company that specializes in pre-sale home renovations, is helping to make Sherelle Manley’s dream of selling her home and raising enough capital to get into the real estate business a reality. Sherellea single mom of three-monthold, Gaby, had begun to struggle to make mortgage payments on her Northwood, PA home and realized she needed to sell. Her Realtor, John Johnston of Tesla Realty Group, was determined to help her find a solution that would help maximize the profit from the sale of her home, and reached out to Curbio for help. 

Curbio partners with Realtors to help home sellers fix-up their properties before they go on the market, so they can sell quickly and for the best price, while deferring all payment until the home is sold. Curbio is the only nationally licensed general contractor that works exclusively with Realtors and uses home sales expertise and modern technology to get work done 60% faster than the average renovation company.  

Sherelle will see the transformation for the very first time LIVE on Facebook on August 12, 2020 at 1pm. Cameras will tour the newly renovated home in a Virtual Open House, giving Facebook participants an up-close-and-personal look at the transformation.  In addition, participants can see before and after renovation photos, post comments, ask questions and more. 

Curbio has been following her story since the start of the renovation. Watch the video below to get sneak peeks inside the house and see Sherelle’s initial reaction to the work being done: 

From the outset, Sherelle was concerned about having baby Gaby living in a construction zone or exposed to workers amidst COVID-19. Her Curbio Project Manager connected her with the Curbio complimentary homeowner relocation program. This new program, rolled out to help sellers stay safe during COVID-19, relocates homeowners like Sherelle into Airbnb’s, VRBO’s or other accommodations during construction, to ensure their health and safety during the0 pandemic.  Now she, Gaby and their dog, Ghost, are safely enjoying life in a luxury apartment. 

Curbio is thrilled to be able to help Sherelle with the renovation of her house. She is such a dynamic young woman and the fact that she dreams of becoming a real estate agent is just icing on the cake, says Rikki Rogers, VP of Marketing at Curbio.  

If you would like to participate, please register for the Facebook event. If you have questions about Curbio or this event, please contact Cindy Frei (Director, Content Marketing –