Curbio vs. Concierge — What are the differences?

Real estate concierge solutions empower agents to provide an elevated level of service to their clients by minimizing their upfront costs while maximizing their sale price. While there’s no formal definition, real estate concierge is generally understood to be a pre-listing solution or package to help sellers get to market and get their homes sold faster. In most cases, it includes financial assistance, which gives the homeowners the funds for staging or other home improvements to get the property in market-ready condition and appeal to more buyers.

With a variety of concierge options on the market, we get a lot of questions about how Curbio is different. While we also defer payment for pre-listing improvements until the home is sold, that is where the similarities end between Curbio and concierge. The largest difference is the fact that Curbio is the licensed and insured general contractor on every single one of its projects. There are several other differentiators, however, that make us not just a concierge, but rather the complete home improvement solution for real estate agents and their clients.

Curbio vs. Concierge

Realtors® know that the overwhelming majority of today’s home buyers are looking for move-in ready. By educating their clients on the value of pre-listing home improvements and having a solution on-hand, they’re able to better serve their selling clients. The problem with most concierge programs is that they only have the seller in mind and ignore the effects they have on agents.

The result? Many agents who choose to make use of their brokerage concierges are ultimately sacrificing hours of their time managing pre-listing projects with several added responsibilities. Furthermore, each concierge has its own set of limitations and inefficiencies. Let’s get into it!


Concierge: Most concierge programs have an upper limit on the scope of pre-listing updates. This is, at least in part, because these programs were created to tackle small projects—mainly minor repairs, painting, flooring and staging. These projects have large impacts, and they’ve been suggested by agents for decades, but some homes need more.

Almost 80% of homes in the U.S. are at least 20 years old, while 40% are at least 50. Very few buyers want to purchase fixer-uppers, which means that a lot of aging homes need extensive updates to meet the demand of today’s buyers.

Curbio: From basic repairs and touch-ups to whole-home remodels, Curbio works on projects big and small, with no minimums or maximums tied to our deferred payment model. Our services include virtually anything necessary to get a home move-in ready, including (but not limited to) HVAC repairs, roofing, mold remediation, plumbing and electrical work, kitchen and bathroom updates, moving and storage, and painting.


Concierge: Deferred payment is so important that most people would say it’s a qualifier to be considered a concierge program. Some concierge solutions charge an additional fee for the services (Redfin Concierge bumps up its listing fee from 1% to 2%), and others require payment within a certain timeframe.

Curbio: Curbio defers payment to make its pre-listing concierge services accessible to every seller. We don’t do credit checks or charge any fees or interest—and we wait until closing to be paid for our work. This enables agents to provide a simple pre-listing home improvement solution, no matter their sellers’ financial situation.


Concierge: Some concierge services tout their network of vetted contractors, who take the stress of vetting contractors off sellers’ plates. But most utilize existing home improvement systems (like Angi and HomeAdvisor), leaving it up to agents and their clients to vet contractors. Neither method solves for the time spent managing home improvement projects, which includes driving back and forth between project sites, picking out and ordering materials, coordinating schedules of multiple contractors, and chasing contractors down for updates.

Curbio: Curbio was built to maximize the results of listing improvements for Realtors® and their clients while minimizing their time and effort spent managing projects. As a matter of fact, we complete projects 65% faster than traditional contractors by using simple tech to streamline the entire process. From the steady stream of communication with clients at every project milestone, to the expertise that helps you maximize seller returns and minimize stress, Curbio makes every decision and step more efficient.


Concierge: Home improvements regularly occur immediately before or immediately after a real estate transaction. Most real estate concierge services available are really listing concierge services for sellers rather than complete concierge services for real estate agents.

Curbio: As the only concierge solution built for real estate agents, we’re focused on supporting agents on both sides of the transaction. Rather than focusing solely on pre-listing updates for sellers, we also offer post-inspection repairs and pre-move-in improvements for recent buyers. This makes us the agent’s go-to home improvement solution for every transaction.

Agents Need a Concierge Program That Was Custom Built for Them

Imagine a world in which you feel comfortable suggesting repairs or renovations necessary to get a home sold quickly and at your clients’ target list price, address home inspection repairs without delaying time to closing and help your buyers tackle pre-move-in updates—all without sacrificing more of your time, chasing down contractors and worrying about quality (or whether or not your contractors are licensed and insured).

That’s the world Curbio is creating. Through the use of technology, we’ve built a streamlined home improvement process for Realtors®. We take on projects of any size, and our full-time project managers handle every aspect of the job. Your project manager will keep you and your clients in the loop via the Curbio app, giving you the peace-of-mind you need. Finally, like concierge programs, we defer payment for all projects and don’t charge any fees or interest.

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