Curbio versus “Concierge Services”

Curbio does more than defer payment, we actually do the renovation. 

A quick glance at Curbio’s recent case studies demonstrates that the right pre-sale renovations can dramatically increase a home’s sale price and sellers’ net proceeds. Unrenovated properties spend more days on market and sell for far less than their renovated counterparts, so it’s no surprise that many brokerages are rolling out “concierge” services to finance pre-sale renovations. While the programs vary by company, the overall benefit is that the brokerage pays the homeowner’s contractors and get repaid at settlement.

Curbio will also cover all expenses related to a renovation and defer all repayment until settlement with no fees or interest (ever). This is pretty much where the similarities with concierge services end. Some concierge services charge interest, some require sellers to pay in full if the home doesn’t sell within a specific timeframe–or if they transition to another agent.

The biggest difference, and the most important one, is that Curbio doesn’t just defer payment, we actually do the renovation and manage the entire project from proposal to punch list.

For most sellers, payment deferral only solves part of the problem. Larger challenges remain: How will sellers know which renovations will actually increase the value of the home? Who will find, vet and hire the contractors? Who will select and order the materials and make sure the project goes according to plan? How will you get the renovation completed quickly so the home is on the market ASAP? These are the bigger problems that Curbio solves.

Concierge services merely finance the project, but rely on the agent and seller to figure out the rest. More often than not, the agent and homeowner are responsible for collecting estimates, chasing down contractors, selecting and ordering materials and managing the day-to-day project activities. So on top of everything else a Realtor does, they now become a project manager.

That’s why so many agents, including those from brokerages that offer concierge services, turn to Curbio. We are the only renovation company that specializes in ROI, speed to market and on-site, stress-free project management.

Concierge ServicesCurbio
PaymentNo payment until settlement with potential of interest, fees, or other restrictions.No payment until settlement with no interest or fees — ever.
Level of effortHomeowner and agent must find and hire contractors, determine project scope, order materials, and manage the project.Curbio handles the entire renovation from beginning to end.
Length of renovationSchedules and deadlines depend on contractors’ workloads.Curbio completes projects 60% faster than the average contractor and provides complete transparency about schedules and progress through the Curbio client portal.
Value AddedTypical general contractors renovate according to homeowner’s requests, not ROI. Curbio specializes in renovations that increase sale price and reduce days on market with average ROI of 215%.

Curbio’s renovations are turn-key.

While concierge services rely on agents and sellers to find and hire contractors, Curbio is the licensed general contractor on every project we do. We employ full-time, on-the-ground project managers to handle each project in every city where we do work. Sellers and agents never have to step foot into a hardware store or showroom, because Curbio takes care of everything. Our approach allows Curbio to control the entire renovation process. So unlike concierge services that use a myriad of independent contractors, Curbio is able to deliver the same exact high-quality customer experience in every city and on every project.

Video: What does a Curbio Project Manager Do?

We’re home flipping experts.

Most general contractors are not experts in pre-sale home renovation. They are accustomed to carrying out homeowner requests, based on their own tastes and preferences. GCs expect the homeowners, or a designer they hire, to make the decisions. But few homeowners are experts in renovation ROI. Since Curbio exclusively renovates homes prior to listing, we offer comprehensive design-build services focused on speed to market and ROI. Our home improvement consulting team consists of former real estate agents, flippers and designers who understand which upgrades will help the home sell more quickly for a higher market price.  We have a centralized Production and Materials Management team that stays on top of the trends and curates a custom supply chain of the best materials based on quality, cost and availability. The result? Our renovations deliver an average of 215% ROI.

We renovate 60% faster than the average contractor.

Curbio’s technology platform allows us to produce same day estimates and deliver detailed proposals without the lengthy, inconvenient back-and-forth process that you’d expect from a typical general contractor. Our technology also accelerates materials and labor acquisition and management, ensuring projects begin and end on time.

We prioritize communication and transparency.

The Curbio app provides complete visibility into project progress. Homeowners and agents can track deadlines, monitor on-time performance, request and approve changes, and communicate directly with their Project Manager. Real-time notes, pictures and videos eliminate the hassle and stress of renovation.

Curbio Project Portal

The Curbio Portal Lets Homeowners Monitor Project Progress and Adherence to Deadlines

Our pricing is fair, data-driven and consistent. 

The Curbio platform also includes a proprietary database of pricing data that eliminates the typical guess work inherent in contractor bids. Many contractors lack a basic system for setting pricing, relying instead on gut feel, perceived homeowner budget or even how busy they are that month. This is why homeowners often get three proposals that come with very different prices. With Curbio, all customers get the same fair pricing, based on national pricing data from similar projects that’s adjusted for local markets.

Concierge services are a great solution for small, isolated projects that require minimal oversight (e.g. handyman fixes, staging, limited painting projects, etc.). In fact, Curbio’s minimum project size is $15,000 for this very reason—some projects do not require, or benefit from, the complete suite of our services. For projects that will actually increase value, though, Curbio’s turn-key solution is a much better fit.

If you’re an agent, you can start offering pre-sale renovation services right away, without the stress and hassle of managing renovation projects for your sellers. Request an estimate today or attend our next webinar to learn more.