9 Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas to Increase Home Value

What kind of first impression does your home make when potential buyers see it from the curb? To minimize the time your home sits on the market or—even better, to increase its value so that it sells for more—it has to have great curb appeal. It has to be clean, inviting and get people excited about what’s behind the front door.

That’s where curb appeal landscaping comes in. Although “landscaping” usually brings to mind grass and plants, it also includes things like the facade of your house and the pathway leading to it. 

Before we get into ways to make the front of your home look its best, it’s worth mentioning that today’s buyers want low-maintenance landscaping.

Whether it’s a busy, dual income household, or they travel a lot, there are a number of reasons, today’s home buyers don’t want to be locked into a ton of upkeep. So, rather than crafting an elaborate front yard with high-maintenance plants and pathways to care for, think simple and easy.

Read on to learn about nine things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home with low-maintenance landscaping. 

1. Power wash your walkway and siding 

Cleaning is generally one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your home look newer, making it an obvious step in prepping homes for sale. Dirt and debris build-up on your walkway or siding can deter buyers, but there’s a quick fix. Power washing is a common solution for dirty walkways and siding.

You can buy or rent a power washer and do the cleaning yourself, but professional help is recommended if you’re planning to clean siding. Why? If you’re not careful, water can get under your house’s siding, remove caulk and sealants, or cause other issues.

2. Give it a fresh coat of paint

If your exterior paint has faded, a fresh coat can work wonders in making your home look well-maintained and move-in ready. The same is true even if you just want to make it stand out from the rest of the houses on the block with a new color.

Be careful when choosing paint colors though. Don’t choose something so bold or offbeat that it will scare buyers off. The colors you choose should be tasteful and have broad appeal. 

If your siding is clean and in good condition, it might not make sense to paint your entire house. Consider painting your front door instead. Choose an eye-catching color like red, yellow, or blue that will draw buyers in and give your house character.

3. Repair or replace your pathway

If the pathway leading up to your home poses safety hazards due to issues like uneven concrete, have it repaired or replaced. And even if it only has cosmetic issues such as cracks or discoloration, repairing it or replacing it with a new walkway can make your entire home look and feel more inviting.

4. Check the status of your roof and gutters

A roof or gutters that look battered and worn decrease the perceived value of your home. They can also pose risks for water damage. So, if your roof is old or in disrepair, you should get it fixed—especially if it shows its age. 

Adding a new roof or replacing your existing one before you sell can be pricey, and isn’t something that most people would recommend you DIY. Nevertheless, poor roof condition can be a big deterrent for buyers because your roof’s health can affect your entire house. This makes roofing the perfect problem for Curbio to take care of. Curbio provides pre-sale home repairs and renovations and doesn’t get paid until closing—so you can take on any home improvements necessary to get your home sold for top dollar, quickly. Learn how it works here.

5. Give your lawn some TLC

When it comes to front yard curb appeal, one of the most important things is the state of your lawn. After all, it takes up a lot of real estate in the front of most homes. If your grass is dead, ten feet tall, or full of weeds, it may raise some flags for buyers who are left wondering if you’ve put the same effort into maintaining your house as you have your lawn. 

It’s best to reseed your grass in the spring if possible, but you can also install healthy grass or, in some cases, artificial turf to get the right look. Discuss the best plan of action with your Realtor®, who will know how important your lawn’s condition will be in selling a home for top dollar in your market.

6. Choose an attractive mix of  easy-maintenance plants

Vibrant flowers and shrubs can complement the facade of your home, making it look warm and inviting. As you choose your plants, though, remember to go with low-maintenance options that won’t require hours of upkeep for the new homeowners. 

Drought-resistant and perennial plants are popular options for low-maintenance gardens. For the most professional look, choose a mix of low and medium-height flowers and plants to create visual contrast.

7. Care for your plants

What about your existing bushes, trees and other plants? They should always be well-manicured. You may need to trim shrubs to a uniform shape and size, cut off unruly branches. You may also need to remove dead or diseased trees that could come up during your home inspection. 

8. Repave your driveway

Much like repairing walkways, repaving your driveway can go a long way in increasing your home’s curb appeal. If your driveway is uneven, stained, or cracked from tree roots or other plants sprouting up through it, a replacement may be in order. To avoid unevenness, cracks, and mess, opt for a professional to take care or driveway repaving.

9. Choose complementary lighting

Last but not least, to boost the appeal of your home, use lighting to show off its best features and make it shine at night. Lights are great for nighttime safety, and they also add to the digital curb appeal of your home, assuming you capture photos of the exterior at night. One easy lighting solution that works for almost any home is lining the driveway, walkway or even flower planters with lights. 

Achieving better curb appeal and maximum value

The front yard curb appeal ideas above are just a handful of ways you can maximize your profit from selling your house. Based on the condition of your home and the comps in your neighborhood, your real estate agent can walk you through each of the upgrades that will have a huge positive impact on your home’s landscaping, curb appeal, and overall value. 

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