The Curbio Process: What to Expect at Every Step

(Spoiler alert: It’s way easier than you think it is!)

So, you’ve heard about Curbio from an agent who won a listing because they offered our concierge services or from a homeowner who profited $80,000. You’re thinking to yourself: “I really think I could use Curbio to sell faster, for more. But how long does it take? And what’s the process?” 

You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s an in-depth overview of exactly what you can expect at every step of the Curbio process. You may be shocked at how much faster Curbio moves than a traditional general contractor, but that’s because we’re able to leverage a certified subcontractor network and streamline sourcing and materials through our tech-powered platform! If you have a listing or a home in mind you think could use Curbio (which is likely, since 8 in 10 homes need updates before selling!) then keep reading.

Step 1: Request an estimate

Wait time: 30 seconds

This is the starting point. You request an estimate on your property on one of your listings by telling us some basic info about the property. Estimates are always free and no obligation. (When we say “always free,” that’s not a gimmick. No matter how far you get in our sales process, homeowners can change their minds at any time! No obligation, no charge – no questions.)

You can also generate instant estimates on common home improvement projects by using our free Curbio app. After taking a short quiz about the size and scope of the work, the app will give you an instant estimate including a market-adjusted project cost and the projected return on your investment (ROI). 

Step 2: Talk with an experienced home improvement consultant

Wait time: 24 hours

Within one business day, you will be contacted by an experienced member of the HIC team. Your assigned Home Improvement Consultant will discuss your potential project in more detail, make strategic suggestions, and be able to provide much more granular detail about the cost, timeline, etc.

Still not sure? Rest assured, 100% of our HIC team are licensed, experienced real estate agents! Which means when they make recommendations about what projects will drive the highest ROI for your home and maximize your profit – you can take their word to the bank.

Step 3: Schedule a Matterport and virtual walkthrough

Wait time: 1-3 business days

Next up, it’s time to dig a little deeper into your project! First up on the agenda is scheduling your Matterport. An experienced Matterport technician will panoramically scan the interior of your home to produce a 3D space capture. (And this step is also – you guessed it – free.) These renderings are incredibly valuable and provide an opportunity for interactive understanding of the layout, floorpan, and flow of the home. 

Right after the Matterport is captured, the virtual walkthrough is next. This process allows the Curbio team to get a better understanding of scope and hammer out the details of the project.

Step 4: Receive project proposal

Wait time: 2 business days

Within 2 days of the virtual walkthrough, Curbio issues a fixed price proposal. What does this mean? A fixed price proposal means that Curbio’s project fee will not change: even if a home sells for more than projected, there is no profit sharing or “Curbio cut.” That’s how we’re able to put an average of $80,000 in homeowners’ pockets.

The contract is directly between the homeowner and Curbio and simply stipulates that the home is listed for sale after Curbio satisfactorily completes the work agreed upon. If you’re wondering ‘How does Curbio make money?’ we are the licensed General Contractor on your project. That means we make money the same way any other contractor does! And we only get paid when the home sells… so we’re just as motivated to help you sell for top dollar as YOU are.

Step 5: Project kickoff!

Wait time: Within 10 days of signed contract

When the homeowner signs the contract, your Curbio project has officially begun! You get access to the Curbio project dashboard to stay notified and up to date. Additionally, you get to meet your designated Project Manager that will oversee every detail of your project. 

From here on out, you will be kept up-to-date with real-time updates, photos, videos, and messages from the PM. But you won’t be lifting a finger yourself! No need for site visits, phone calls, or in-person meetings. Curbio has you covered so the only thing on your mind is to sell for more, in less time.

Step 6: Sell for 28% more

Wait time: 50% faster than homes that go on the market as-is

Depending on the size of your project, your timeline will vary from a couple days to 8+ weeks for renovations! But either way, rest assured that Curbio’s network of certified subcontractors is completing your work to the highest level of quality. They’re also doing it in 50% less time than the national average or a traditional general contractor.

When you do go to market, you can expect to sell in less time, for more money. Buyers are looking for turnkey homes and modern features – which gives Curbio homes an unfair advantage! No matter how competitive the market is, Curbio homes typically attract multiple offers at asking – or over asking. They sell for an average of 28% more, which results in an average of $80,000 profit in the homeowner’s pocket! 

So, if you or your client is interested in working with Curbio (maybe because of our $0 down, 0% interest, and 0 hidden fees), then we commend you on your excellent taste. Learn more about the Curbio process and how it works and let us take it from here.

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