Sell Your D.C. Home For More with These 7 Updates

profitable updates that will help sell your home in D.C.

Are you getting ready to sell your home in D.C.? Make your home sale profitable by updating your property before you list it.

Metropolitan homebuyers in the District, largely comprising millennial and Gen-X city dwellers, want move-in-ready homes that balance chic and functional. If your listing offers desirable home features and a modern aesthetic, you’ll find a buyer (or several) willing to pay top dollar for it.

So what are the best updates for homes in the nation’s capital? Here’s the lowdown on the most strategic home improvements for homeowners in the DMV.

The 7 savviest updates to make before you sell your D.C. home

1. Exterior refresh

Make your home enticing from the outside; it’s a tried-and-true real estate strategy. Enhancing your home’s exterior charm will make your digital listing pop and draw buyers through the front door. If it’s on the outside of your property, it’s fair game to be improved. Invest in your home’s landscaping, walkways, entryways, porches, and patios. Revive your lawn and trim your trees — then powerwash everything else! It’s amazing what a little pressurized water will do for your driveway, paths, steps, and exterior walls. Invest in fresh paint if your home could use a little exterior glow-up. A new color scheme might be the ticket to commanding attention and giving buyers FOMO.

stage a home office when you put your D.C. home on the market.

2. Carve out a home office

With so many people working from home at least sometimes, curating one of your bedrooms as a studio or home office sends the message to modern homebuyers that your home is dynamic and flexible enough to meet a variety of current needs. A tasteful home office set-up is the perfect signal that your home will accommodate homebuyers, no matter their circumstances.

Keep your set-up simple. Your home office shouldn’t be a hybrid work/workout/bedroom space. And if you want to kick the cozy study vibes up a notch or two, invest in a handsome custom-built bookcase before selling your D.C. home.

3. Kitchen upgrades

The ROI on kitchen improvements is solid; nearly every homeowner pays attention to the details and functionality of this room. Simple kitchen upgrades like painting cabinets and replacing old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models are lucrative investments. If the current state of your kitchen is rather unsavory, consider more extensive renovations. With Curbio’s pay-at-closing price model, you can afford to invest in pre-listing kitchen improvements before you sell your D.C. home.

Kitchen improvements add value to homes in D.C.

4. Flooring replacement

If your home is carpeted, you’ll instantly increase the value of your home with a new floor; install hardwood or more budget-friendly luxury vinyl in place of carpet since there is more demand for solid, wipeable surfaces. And if you’ve got hardwood already, you’re walking on a goldmine! Refurbish and restain it, but whatever you do, don’t cover it up! Hardwood flooring is like catnip to home shoppers.

5. Updated hardware

From hardwood to hardware… the suitable finishes set the tone. An eye for detail will pay off at the closing table, so scrutinize your electrical outlet covers, lightswitch plates, cabinet handles, and bathroom vanities. Modern hardware can change the entire presentation of a home’s interior. It’s a cost-effective improvement that gives listings an edge!

6. HVAC systems in good condition

Stage your D.C. home well to sell it at a profit!

The summers are balmy, and the winters are frosty in the District. If your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems don’t fire up or cool down efficiently, upgrade them before you sell! Homebuyers are motivated by comfort, function, and style, and you can’t have the latter two without the former. These systems are foundational home features that should work like a charm.

7. Staging

Set the stage for serious buyers to waltz into your home and make a formidable offer. Better yet, stage your home so well that you inspire a bidding war on your listing! Professional staging is truly part science and part art form, and it can be the difference between breaking even or making a pretty penny at the closing table. Good staging ensures that the furniture and belongings in your space enhance the natural beauty and charm of your D.C. home. Too often, sellers’ homes are overly-cluttered and distracting. On the other hand, appropriate staging adds value by showcasing your home in its best form.

Curbio’s pre-listing home improvements will help sell your D.C. home

Increase your home’s value and generate a healthy profit at your home sale with pre-listing updates. Curbio’s award-winning, turnkey services take the hassle and financial burden out of home improvements. Make the smartest move before you move: enlist Curbio to manage strategic upgrades and earn top dollar when you sell your D.C. home. Share some details about your home and receive a free, same-day estimate on the projects that will help you sell it!

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