Sell Your Home for More with Curbio Pre-Listing Renovations

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Are you making plans to sell your home? Whether you want to downsize, upsize, or move to a new city, repair key home features to improve your chances of selling your home quickly for the best price. Pre-listing home renovations are essential to strengthening your home’s marketability and enticing buyers while minimizing its time on the market. 

Don’t leave money on the table when selling your home 

Home buyers are looking for properties that don’t require huge investments and extensive work. Houses that are ready to be lived in are vastly preferred. You’ll leave money on the table if your home lacks curb appeal or fails to make a positive first impression. 

There are several ways to increase the ROI of your home improvement projects. Still, it may be daunting to decide which repairs will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers or to strike the perfect balance between improving the market value of your home and making cost-effective repairs.  

Before you sell your home, work with a real estate agent to determine whether to refresh or renovate the different areas of your property. Light repairs and home improvements that refresh, rather than completely remodel, your house may save time and money without compromising profitability. 

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Home improvement repairs with the best ROIs 

Here’s a list of home improvement projects with the best ROIs. 

1. Kitchen refresh 

Chatting and hanging out in the kitchen is an American pastime. Your kitchen’s functionality, charm, spaciousness, and cleanliness will be crucial to all prospective buyers. Strategic, cost-effective kitchen improvements will undoubtedly result in a higher property value. 

Consider upgrading your kitchen lighting, hardware, and appliances to elevate the ambiance, and never underestimate the power of freshly painted walls. 

Small changes have a surprisingly significant impact, but if your kitchen is in a state of disrepair or doesn’t seem marketable, you can up your budget and undergo more extensive renovations. 

2. Bathroom updates 

What makes a bathroom livable? Modern fixtures, plumbing, and extra storage are high on the list. Some of the best ROIs when it comes to bathrooms include retiling, upgraded sinks, and plumbing repairs. If you’re planning to sell your home, pay attention to the current state of your bathrooms and make sure they’ll be marketable. 

3. Living space improvements 

Do the bedrooms, family rooms, and other interior living spaces suit the needs of today’s home shoppers? “Flex spaces,” or rooms that serve various purposes, are sought after, considering many people now work and play from home. Highlight your rooms’ ability to function as offices, mini gyms, or art studios to entice buyers. 

Just like with the other areas in your home, simple refreshes to living spaces go a long way. Do your carpet or hardwood flooring need to be replaced? How about those light fixtures from the ’80s? Perhaps some freshly painted walls will brighten the main bedroom. 

4. Curb appeal enhancements 

Buyers will snap judgments about your home within the first 10 seconds of viewing it. Your home’s exterior is its biggest asset in making desirable first impressions, whether viewers take their first glances online or in person. Evaluate the exterior painting, yard landscaping, and roofing of your property. Curb appeal improvements are some of the most significant opportunities to increase your home’s marketability and selling price. 

Get your home ready to sell with Curbio 

Even seasoned DIY maestros need a little help, especially if time and money are of the essence. Curbio’s concierge pre-listing home improvement service saves you time in vetting, hiring, and scheduling numerous repair professionals. Best yet, Curbio makes pre-listing renovations affordable since you won’t pay us a penny for home upgrades until after you sell your home!  

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