Curbio Announces Rebrand, Launches New Website

Curbio, the nation’s leading pay-at-closing home improvement solution for real estate agents and their clients, today announced that it has rebranded, launching a new visual identity accompanied by a brand-new website. The change is a critical step in the PropTech company’s mission to expand their offerings to more Realtors, brokers and homeowners across the United States.

“Curbio’s branding is introducing an entirely new look and feel, but it’s also so much more than that. We’ve repositioned our brand and updated our solution to truly reflect our mission- to get every listing move-in ready and sold fast, while simplifying the home improvement experience for Realtors and homeowners,” says Olivia Mariani, Senior Director of Marketing at Curbio. “Before, many people saw us as solely focused on flipping homes with major renovations to maximize profit. That’s still something that we can do, but we’re so much more than that. In the last year, we have removed our project minimums, simplified our contract and expanded our solution to help any real estate agent who needs to get a listing updated and on the market fast, from basic repairs to whole-home renovations.”

At the core of Curbio’s rebranding efforts is the elevation of the role of their proprietary technology in streamlining the home improvement experience. Curbio uses tech to simplify the entire renovation process, from getting an estimate, to sourcing labor and ordering materials. Through the Curbio app, real estate agents and their clients can track project schedules and get visual updates in real-time without ever needing to visit the project site.

With the launch of Curbio’s new website, learning about Curbio and requesting their services will be easier than ever before. Real estate agents and brokerages can now easily access tools to win listings, learn about Curbio’s solution and request an estimate on behalf of their clients with ease. The site also features a comprehensive outline of Curbio’s all-inclusive pricing, adding a level of transparency that has not previously been seen in the home improvement industry.

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