A Comprehensive Guide to “Fix Now, Pay at Closing” for Realtors

Realtors sell five million homes a year, and each sale begins with the same discussion: The homeowner wants to sell quickly and for the best possible price, so the Realtor® gives them a list of repairs and updates needed make it happen.

But then the realities of a home improvement project sink in—the hassle of dealing with contractors, the delayed time until listing, and of course paying for the project. Realtors® end up stuck between the seller’s unrealistic pricing expectations and their unwillingness or inability to make the improvements needed for a successful sale.

That’s where Curbio comes in. With Curbio, Realtors bridge the gap between sellers’ expectations and market realities, without the stress, time, or upfront payment of a traditional renovation. We repair and renovate properties so they’ll sell for the best possible price, and defer all payment until closing.

The Curbio Difference

Working with Curbio is like walking into every listing appointment with a no-interest credit card that your seller can use to take care of any and all renovations and repairs—but better.

Pre-Sale Renovation Expertise: Curbio specializes in getting homes ready to sell. With a focus on return on investment, speed to market and customer experience, Realtors® trust us to manage their projects, so they can win more listings and sell more homes.

One Stop Shop: From cosmetic updates to major renovations, interior improvements to exterior work, Curbio takes care of it. We’re the only company sellers and Realtors need. That means Realtors can focus on selling homes, not chasing down contractors.

Rapid Renovations, Better Experience: In an industry notorious for poor communication and missed deadlines, Curbio has achieved some of the highest satisfaction ratings in renovation – or any other industry. Plus, we renovate 60% faster than the average contractor.

No Catch: Curbio defers 100% of renovation costs until closing. No interest, no fees, no time limits—no catch. We get paid when you do, at the closing table. Since we all get paid at the same time, we’re on the same team with the same goal—getting to market quickly and selling for the best possible price.

How Curbio Partners with Realtors

Any Realtor can partner with Curbio. In fact, we’ve completed projects referred to us by nearly every major real estate brokerage in the United States. Getting started is easy—Realtors simply request an instant estimate for their listing.

As your pay-at-closing contractor, we collaborate with Realtors to determine which renovations or repairs will increase the value of the home, combining our pre-sale renovation expertise with Realtors’ local expertise to maximize list price.

Since Curbio manages the project from beginning to end, Realtors get all the credit of a great project and sale price, without any of extra work.

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Curbio’s Pre-Sale Renovation Services

From painting and staging to major renovations, Curbio transforms every property into a listing that buyers will love. No project is too big or too small—if it will help the home sell quickly for the best possible price, Curbio can handle it.

  • Kitchens and baths
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Flooring
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • Windows and doors
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing and siding
  • Staging

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