Meet Emily Herder, Home Improvement Consultant Manager


Before Curbio, Emily Herder had worked both as a real estate agent and a designer, making her the perfect consultant for pre-listing and pre-move-in home improvements. She’s been a part of Curbio’s Home Improvement Consulting team since 2019, and has helped hundreds of agents and their clients by advising them on the best home improvements to meet their home buying and selling goals.

View her video or read on for her full interview!

What is your title with Curbio?

“My name is Emily Herder. I am a Home Improvement Consultant Manager here at Curbio.”

What is your professional history and what brought you to Curbio?

“My background is actually in interior design. I started out as a Commercial Interior Designer working on really big projects like coliseums and shopping centers and theaters.”

What is it like to be one of the first points of contact for agents working with Curbio?

“You really have the opportunity to provide them with a background on Curbio. You get to tell them everything about what we do and how exciting we are. I mean it’s probably one of the funnest sales jobs I’ve ever had – it’s not even a sales job because all you have to do is say what Curbio does and agents are like WOW, I wish you had been around like 10 years ago! – because it’s such a great service you don’t even have to sell it. Agents automatically see the value in what we do and it’s really fun.”

Do you have a favorite story from your time with Curbio? 

“I can remember one I can think of where this elderly gentleman had owned a property. It was a really high value property but the gentleman had been living there and it wasn’t really up to date. Well, we took his asset which was probably about $800,000 – we were able to do updates and he sold it for well over a million. Now, for this elderly gentleman that was important because that was his nest egg! He was getting to walk away with a couple hundred thousand dollars extra so that he can live his retirement and the rest of his life in ease. Those are the heartwarming stories that we love to be able to help people with – when they can walk away with more money from doing these renovations it’s just it makes your job so much fun.”

Do you like Roller Coasters?

“I would say no. My kids are always trying to get me on rides. I do the pirate ship at the fair sometimes – that’s the one that just goes up and around. That’s as risky as I get!”

How do you take your coffee?

“I drink my coffee black. No diluting it – I want it strong!”