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Sell for more with strategic home updates

Interest rates are through the roof, the housing market is trending down and the economic climate is a little scary – the last thing any of us want is RISK. So, homeowners and real estate agents alike are turning to options that are proven and safe.

For some, that means adjusting their own personal expectations. Homeowners who had planned to move in 2022 may be deciding to wait out the uncertainty until they get a clearer picture of demand. Real estate agents may be switching their strategy to conform to a more competitive market. All of us, in short, are inevitably affected by inflation, interest rate hikes, and the rumored recession.

But – life doesn’t freeze just because things feel less than optimal. We keep moving forward and make the best decisions we can at that moment.

Your largest financial investment is your home

When the external economic climate is – questionable – you have to rely on your internal economic resources to create stability. If you are a homeowner, it is likely the largest financial investment in your portfolio is your home… unless you were an early investor in Apple.

So how do you maximize your financial position in a strategic, secure, and risk-averse way?

Unlock your equity

Most homeowners leave equity on the table. (Seriously.) It’s not intentional, of course, but many are not made aware of the options they have available to them ahead of a home sale. They make the decision to sell, often selling as-is, even though roughly 80% of U.S. homes need improvements of some kind.

That decision, unfortunately, means that the homeowner is walking away from tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unlocked equity. (How do we figure? Great question. Modern buyers are willing to pay more to move into turnkey homes. Industry experts (ahem, like us) are able to advise on the most profitable, high-ROI updates to make. Therefore, homeowners are able to control their own fate – and certainly their listing price – by opting to make more money through pre-listing home improvements.)

Aim for maximum ROI on home updates

As mentioned above, no one knows the real estate industry better than real estate agents. That’s why our team of Home Improvement Consultants are all licensed, experienced real estate agents as well. They’re able to advise, alongside the real estate agent, on which home updates will drive the highest ROI. If for example, you live in an area where the homes are relatively older, you may be encouraged to focus on structural, plumbing, or electrical upgrades that ensure safety and function. If you live in a hot, arid climate like Phoenix you may get better bang for your buck installing xeriscaping, tile or LVT flooring, and a new HVAC. However, there are some updates that are timeless and universal (kitchen refreshes, bathroom updates, etc) that Curbio experts will also advise on. We’ll help you invest where it matters, and not more.

Create your own luck 

The days of putting a home, in any condition, at any listing price, on the market and being confident it will incite a feeding frenzy are… over. That’s not a bad thing! In fact, a more equal playing field is more sustainable for all parties. So now with fewer transactions and steeper competition, it’s more important than ever to control your own fate.

High interest rates? Bummer.

Peaked seller/buyer anxiety? Negotiable.

Plateauing housing prices? Not a concern.

You can create your own luck by selling a buyer’s dream home. Homes improved with Curbio sell for an average of 28% more and 50% faster than homes that sell as-is.

You do not need to save thousands to invest in profitable home improvements before selling your property. Curbio works with homeowners and real estate agents ready to sell. We offer turnkey home renovations and repair services and a unique, pay-at-closing business model that makes profitable home sales an option for everyone. Learn more about how Curbio can increase your home’s value. 

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