6 Profitable Minneapolis Home Updates to Increase Your Value

Selling a home in Minneapolis? Given that this half of the Twin Cities has the 8th oldest housing stock in the country, it’s very likely that your house could use some TLC before you put it on the market. After all, you want it to attract a broad set of buyers, sell quickly, and sell for the best price. As the nation’s leader in pre-listing improvements, we know a thing or two about what sells best in your area, and these are the most effective Minneapolis home updates you can make before going to market.

Here are our 6 top pre-listing tips for making maximum profit on your home sale:

#1 Basic repairs

Sure, it’s not as sexy as some updates – but this one yields some serious return on home-sellers’ investment. If yours is one of Minneapolis’ 83,000+ homes that are more than 80 years old, basic repairs will probably be on your to-do list. For example, you may need to:  

  • Address plumbing problems 
  • Repair or replace old, damaged flooring 
  • Get rid of pests such as termites 
  • Deep clean or remove debris from your yard
  • Swap hardware, lighting fixtures, and new appliances
  • Tackle mold and mildew (which is common due to the amount of precipitation Minneapolis gets)

And these are just a handful of examples, some of which you may know you need and others that will come to light during your pre-listing inspection.  

Note: Before you start on any maintenance or upgrades, and certainly before you list your home for sale, you should have an inspection done. That way, you can get a complete picture of your home’s condition, avoid the worst ROI home improvements, and prioritize the updates that will get you the biggest return on investment. 

#2 Carpet replacement

Carpet is a popular flooring choice for smart Minnesotans who want to keep their feet warm through the winter. But the downside the carpet is that old, stained, or faded carpeting is a huge red flag for buyers. When was the last time your carpet was replaced? If it’s been a while and it’s stained from foot traffic or spills – it’s time to replace it. You want buyers to be charmed by your home, not put off by something as simple as ugly carpet. This is one of those Minneapolis home updates nearly every seller needs to consider.

And not only can brand new carpeting refresh the look of your home but it can also reduce unpleasant odors and improve indoor air quality, making buyers more comfortable while they’re touring your home. While these may seem like minor details, they can play into your hand as a seller. 

#3 Upgraded outdoor living space

According to Redfin, lawns are one of the top home improvements sellers can make and are currently trending up. So to make your house the center of an all-out bidding war, make sure that your lawn is lush and that any plants in your front and backyard are neatly manicured.  

Keep in mind that plants should be both low-maintenance and durable enough to withstand the weather (including Minneapolis’ heavy snowfall). Some popular bushes and shrubs include boxwood, Champlain roses, and Blue Shadow Fothergilla. And hardy trees include Bur Oak, Red Maple, and Northern White or Eastern Red Cedar. If you’ve always flirted with the idea of putting in an outdoor kitchen with the summer months, consider this your sign to do it.

Additionally, consider staging your outdoor spaces such as your porch or backyard to make them look more enticing. For example, an outdoor fireplace and cozy seating area in the backyard can help buyers see themselves there! (Just don’t forget the all-weather furniture!) And the better they can visualize it, the higher the chances that they’ll be willing to make an offer.

#4 Interior and exterior painting

Most real estate agents recommend that sellers paint their homes before listing and we’re here to tell you that they’re absolutely right. Faded, scuffed, or chipping paint can ruin a home’s look and give buyers the impression that it’s poorly maintained. Not to mention that unusual color choices can make it more difficult for buyers to see your home as their blank canvas, which can make it harder to generate serious interest and multiple offers.  

That said, painting before putting your home on the market is one of the simplest ways to get a better outcome. Just be sure to choose a neutral color palette for both the interior and exterior of your home; that’s the key to attracting a broad set of buyers. 


Strategic exterior and kitchen updates helped sell this Oregon home for $100,000 more than the original price.


Strategic exterior and kitchen updates helped sell this Oregon home for $100,000 more than the original price.


Repainting, instead of replacing, dated kitchen cabinets saved on project cost and made these Texas sellers an additional $140,000 in profit!


Repainting, instead of replacing, dated kitchen cabinets saved on project cost and made these Texas sellers an additional $140,000 in profit!

#5 Roof and gutter repair

Another essential (and often over-looked) Minneapolis home update is an updated roof. A new roof is one of the 10 most valuable pre-listing upgrades for homes in your area and can help you sell for above asking price. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or is heavily damaged, roof replacement may be in order.  

On the other hand, you may just need repair services. For example, it’s not uncommon for the harsh winters to wreak havoc on roofing materials, leading to leaks, cracks, and other issues. If caught early on and the damage isn’t too extensive, these may be able to be corrected.   

Ultimately, whether you need repair or replacement, don’t leave roofing problems for buyers to fix. Most of today’s buyers avoid fixer-uppers. So, skipping updates could scare many of them off, delay the sale of your home, and cut into your profit.  

#6 Kitchen refresh

It comes as no surprise if you’re thinking about selling that Minneapolis is home to a very competitive real estate market. It should also come as no surprise that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Your kitchen is the most emotional part of your home: it’s the place buyers envision getting those they love together, spending time cooking together and sharing meals. If your kitchen’s design is out of date or not as functional as it needs to be, you could wind up losing interest – and money. 

Improvements to your kitchen that yield great returns on investment include:

  • New granite or quartz countertops
  • Painted or updated cabinets
  • Modern hardware and new appliances
  • Stunning tile & backsplash
  • Consistent flooring throughout
  • Recessed lighting & trendy finishes

Changes like these and more are the way Curbio has helped Minnesota homeowners sell faster than their neighbors and for much more than your as-is listing price.

Planning to sell in Minneapolis?

So, if you’re interested in investing in your Minneapolis home updates and selling for more, pull from these ideas to increase the profit in your pocket! If spending money on extensive home improvement projects doesn’t sound as fun as scoring tickets to a Vikings game – kick your project to Curbio. With no money due until you sell, Curbio takes care of everything, finishing projects 50% faster than the national average and putting an average of $80,000 additional profit in the homeowner’s pocket. (Yep, you read that right.) You’ll need the extra change for stadium burgers and beer. Get started with Curbio today!

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