5 Instagram-Worthy Curb Appeal Before and After Photos

HGTV’s show, Curb Appeal, made the importance of curb appeal general knowledge. That’s probably why it’s one of the most common pre-listing home improvement categories requested by Curbio customers. We’re excited to reveal some of our favorite curb appeal transformations to demonstrate their power—and also to show off some of the work we can do!

1. This rental property in Washington, DC was in a prime location, but needed a little TLC to become a buyer’s dream. The agent and her client worked with Curbio to tackle the updates necessary to boost the home’s curb appeal and get it move-in ready. We were thrilled with the results, and they show that sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that’s necessary to make a home feel new!

2. This home had an incredible amount of potential but needed some freshening up inside and out. For now, we’ll focus on the home’s curb appeal, but we recommend you check out the full renovation! From trimming the shrubs and tidying up the lawn to applying a fresh coat of paint to the siding, the basic updates we did really make this home’s exterior idyllic.

curb appeal - before
curb appeal - after

3. The siding of this property looked worn-down, which can be a huge red flag for potential buyers—but the wood was actually in good condition. Once again, these curb appeal before and after photos show the tremendous value that painting siding can have!

curb appeal - siding - before
curb appeal - siding - after

4. Just like some of these other curb appeal transformations, we started by painting the exterior to brighten it up! We finished things up that bright, red door that pops against the white paint and immediately draws eyes in.

5. This home’s exterior looked unkept, which can send an instant signal to buyers that the entire home is in need of maintenance. We cleaned, then freshened up the driveway and front yard with easy-maintenance materials. With the yard and driveway taken care of, we applied a fresh coat of paint to give the home a more modern look that today’s buyers want. For this home, we also made several interior updates, which you can see here.

6. All we did on the front of this home was paint the garage and front doors. This small change made a world of difference by adding more dimension to the home’s curb appeal.

BONUS: Outdoor Living Space Before and After

Depending on who you ask, curb appeal may or may not include the backyard. While we didn’t include any features of backyards in these 6 curb appeal before and after photos, we can’t help but show off the transformation of this beautiful outdoor living space! The backyard went from drab to fab, and even ended up being featured in a real estate magazine after the work we completed. We installed astro turf, re-mulched, trimmed shrubs, and fixed the stone draining system to bring this backyard to life!

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