Renovating with Curbio During COVID-19

As the nationwide response to COVID-19 continues to evolve, Curbio’s first and most important goal is to proactively protect the health of our employees, partners and customers.

Many homeowners come to Curbio as their only path to getting the equity and cash they need to make ends meet or move on to the next phase of their lives. We also hire many subcontractors who need to work every week in order to support their families.

That’s why Curbio is doing everything in our power to keep our employees and partners safe, while meeting the commitments we’ve made to homeowners who rely on us during the monumental life event of selling a home.

Fortunately, Curbio’s approach to pre-sale renovation already leverages virtual communication and automation to eliminate needless in-person visits.

Our Virtual Model

  • We deliver general estimates virtually, with no site visit required.
  • We send a single video technician to the property to do a 3D video scan, and then invite the agent and seller to participate in a virtual walkthrough, which they can join from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • To further limit contact, homeowners can now choose to move forward with the Curbio Quarantine Walkthrough, which allows them to conduct their own video scans with their phones.
  • Once the project kicks off, the Project Manager communicates with the agent and seller through the Curbio Project Portal, providing constant photo, video and text updates about the project.
Curbio Project Portal

Making Renovation Possible for Every Seller

In addition to our standard processes, we’re introducing new services to support the comfort and health of homeowners and subcontractors:

Homeowners under strict stay-at-home orders can conduct their own video scans right from their phones, eliminating the need for a visit from a video technician prior to the virtual walkthrough

While 54% of the homes we renovate are vacant, if homeowners are still living in the home during renovations and wish to vacate, Curbio will cover their relocation expenses and help them find safe temporary housing.

Making Renovation Possible for Every Seller

We’re offering free 3D virtual tours of properties renovated by Curbio to ensure that we’re supporting agents and sellers through the entire renovation and selling process. We’re continuing to be there for you to get home sold as quickly as possible, even with today’s more difficult climate.

Supporting our Subcontractors

We have setup a $100,000 fund to support our subcontractors, many of whom have to work in order to support their families. We will offer financial help to subcontractors who can’t continue their work for us due to coronavirus. This will make it easier for workers to follow our guidelines without having to make a choice between health and feeding their family.

In addition to these measures, all Curbio employees, including our Project Managers, have excellent healthcare and unlimited paid sick leave.

In closing, Curbio is open for business, providing proposals and renovating homes. We’re following CDC safety standards and local guidelines, and we’re working closely with real estate agents to continue to deliver a great renovation experience.