Amazon Webinar | Curbio

Wednesday, March 13th at 2pm EDT


Which Pre-Sale Renovations Will Pay off For Sellers and Help You Win More Listings

Amazon has kicked off the development of its Northern Virginia Hub and will begin its hiring spree later this year. Long-time homeowners in this area (and the surrounding regions) are already being approached by wholesalers and flippers, hoping to buy their homes for cheap and sell them for a big profit. But homeowners who decline low-ball cash offers and instead invest in smart pre-sale renovations have the potential to dramatically increase their proceeds.

If agents want to leverage Amazon HQ as a business building opportunity and, in turn, help homeowners avoid forfeiting their equity by selling to investors and wholesalers, they’ll need to educate homeowners about the advantages of pre-sale renovation.


Kim Decker Realtor C21

Kim Decker, Realtor, C21 New Millennium

Branden C21 Realtor

Branden Beasley, Realtor, C21 New Millennium

Rebecca Lombardo

Rebecca Lombardo, VP of Realtor Relations, Curbio

In this brief, informative webinar you’ll learn

  •  Which smart home renovations for homes built between 1950 and 1965 will deliver maximum ROI
  • Important data points about home sellers and home buyers in and around HQ2
  • How to pitch pre-sale renovation to sellers in order to close more listing
  • What you should be doing to capitalize on Amazon HQ2 now, six months from now, and in 2020