Why Home Sellers and Agents Love Our Virtual Walkthroughs

Curbio’s Virtual Walkthrough is just one of the ways we make pre-sale renovation easy and hassle-free for homeowners and their agents.

A typical home renovation project kicks off like this: The homeowner calls a general contractor, describes the potential home improvement project, and then, days or sometimes weeks later, the GC comes to the home to take measurements and discuss an estimate. After the site visit (again, days later) the GC prepares a quote.

This process is a bottleneck that’s a hassle for the homeowner and a barrier to growth for general contractors.

Our Virtual Walkthrough, on the other hand, eliminates all of these problems.

We capture a high-resolution 3D rendering of the home and then tour the house remotely with the homeowner and their real estate agent. During this virtual meeting, we explore the property room by room via screen share, discussing which renovations are necessary to maximize the list price of the home. After this meeting, we put together a detailed proposal for the project.

  • Virtual Walkthrough
  • The homeowner can join the Virtual Walkthrough from anywhere – at work, from home, or halfway across the country.
  • Our technology automatically collects measurements and captures floor plans, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.
  • Subcontractors can review the 3D video, so there’s no need for multiple subcontractors to visit the property.
  • If we need to take a second look at the home, we can refer to the 3D rendering.
  • Quotes are prepared quickly.
  • Traditional Estimate
  • Sellers must take time off of work or adjust their schedules, sometimes more than once, to be present for an in-person meeting with the GC.
  • There’s no record of what is discussed, and GCs and homeowners must rely on scribbled notes and manual measurements.
  • Subcontractors visit the home individually, inconveniencing the homeowner.
  • If the scope of work changes, the GC must return to the property for another walkthrough.
  • Quotes can take weeks to prepare.

The Virtual Walkthrough is just one way that Curbio is leveraging technology to make pre-sale home improvement faster, easier, and less stressful for homeowners. To set up an estimate for your project, click here.