6 Steps For Better Listing Presentations

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 75% of sellers only met with ONE agent before making their decision. What does this tell us? Something you already know: the first impression is critical. And in the real estate world, “better first impressions” are synonymous with “better listing presentations.” As we move into a tighter market and a possible recession, the pressure is on. Your priority is to make a first impression that demonstrates your capabilities, resources and commitment is more important than ever. But you’re not alone – you’ve always got Curbio in your back pocket.

To help you win listings (and deliver happy clients), we’ve compiled insights from our Curbio Home Improvement Consultant team. As previous real estate agents, they know a thing or two about knocking listing presentations out of the park.

Here are our 6 steps to better listing presentations:

Step 1: Know your market

Come prepared with a thorough market analysis. Try touring competing homes in the area so you have a complete understanding of the current market conditions. It’s also a great idea to create a hard copy of your analysis to leave with sellers on your first visit. If you can, find out which other agents are fighting for the listing. That way you have an idea of the suite of resources they’re offering so that you can stand up to the competition. Showing your clients that you show up prepared gives them confidence in you and the lasting impression that you will best represent their interests.

Step 2: Invest in your brand

Present a complete, thoughtfully-compiled set of materials that address the seller’s specific needs. Invest in the design of your presentation by working with a graphic designer, or using a design tool like Canva or Adobe. Ensure your color palette and branding are consistent throughout your materials. Leave behind a package that contains your marketing analysis, a projected timeline and your plan for marketing their listing. Having something concrete (and beautifully put-together) gives your clients peace of mind and the feeling of total support.

Step 3: Have resources ready

Depending on what the seller’s needs are, offer additional resources and recommendations to expand your services. For example: if the house needs work before listing, present a plan for how to tackle renovations. The fastest, easiest way to get homes ready for market is by bringing in Curbio, the pre-listing home improvement company built for agents. There you can find before and after photos, marketing resources, and branding materials. Use the Agent Resource Library to bring your presentation from “Eh” to “Oooh!”.

Step 4: Stay in the present

Avoid going into presentation mode. It’s easy to fall back to a script and rattle off some familiar talking points… but that doesn’t make your clients feel special. Focus on the conversation and ask lots of questions. Dive deep into why the client is selling to determine their needs, goals and timeline. Pay attention to what their priority areas are, and take notes to reference in follow-up conversations. You’re there to show that your services are the best solution for their needs, so make sure you know what those are.

Step 5: Establish your expertise

Don’t forget, you’re the expert! Don’t be afraid to set realistic expectations for the timeframe and listing price. If you quote inflated numbers, you’re only setting yourself up for frustration down the road. Be honest about what the house needs in order to sell quickly and for the best possible price. Every house needs something, even if it’s as simple as a landscaping refresh or a new coat of paint. Enlisting Curbio makes a world of difference! Hand over the project to your personal Project Manager and they’ll take it from there! Curbio is completely turnkey: you don’t lift a finger and your clients don’t pay a dime until the project is finished. If they’re hesitant to invest time and money in updates, show them just how much more they could stand to make by updating.

Step 6: Show them what’s possible

One of your key jobs as a real estate agent is to measure your clients’ motivation. Are they motivated to…

  • Sell as quickly as possible?
  • Sell for as much as possible?
  • Not be troubled with any of the nitty gritty?

To address each of these motivations in the past, agents have been stranded without support. They’ve had to be part project manager, part contractor wrangler, power-wash renter, and constant communicator. But Curbio is changing what it means to win listings and build your brand. Create happier, wealthier clients without any of the hassle. Agents who use Curbio sell their client’s homes faster, and for more. (Like, a lot more.) So if you gauge their motivation and they’re extremely motivated to get the best possible deal… show them what Curbio can do for them – and you.

Stand out from the pack by having resources like Curbio to educate your clients about. (It doesn’t just create better listing presentations, it creates a better relationship.) From sellers who need a light refresh to those who need a total renovation, Curbio offers a solution that removes the time, stress and financial burden of traditional pre-listing renovations. Learn more about what we can offer.

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